Rumba Box


This is the Rumba Box.

Played in Mento music.

We have put the sides together with a simple lap joint, glue and clamps. 

The box is 60cm long, 47cm heigh and 30cm deep.


The box is made from 9mm birch ply. Here we have cut a whole in the front and placed the bridge

Two mor spaller holes are cut and cleaned. These are just more sound holes.

The bridge is made from Ash and the keys are 12mm strips of tin. The tin is from a stack of bricks, it is used as a strapping for bircks, wood etc.

The bridge has a groove cut into it and a steel rod glued in to act as a nut for the keys.

Bolts are then pushed up through the bridge. We have cut some Ash to clamp down on the keys.

The keys are then tuned and tightened down with the wing nuts.

We found it best to tune it with the pliers. We tuned this one to G.

Once we got it sounding good we took the keys off and gave it a coat of paint.

Rumba Boxes usually have a vibrant motif. This one is going to be an Island.

When dry, we put the keys back on.

And play some tunes.

Dave Watson.

Went To Paris

Eeee Sheila