The Finished Jug Band Rumba Box.

Here it is. An idea a week ago, a rumba box today.

We got The Freddy Nelson Jug Band Rumba Box finished today. It is looking spectacular and sounding even better.

The 12 keys give a lot more scope and we have been practising some Freddy Nelson County Classics. Fingers crossed we will get some recordings done tomorrow. And get onto the video next week.

It’s been a great project so far.

Anyone wanting to make a guest musician appearance in any of the recordings…..get in touch.

I got some more work done on the bamboo bow.

There are a lot of laminations going into this. The Moso Bamboo has a good thick wall so I have managed to get a solid core out of it. Two matching tapered laminates from 5 to 1mm.

Then I have 4 laminates of yellow bamboo 2 for each limb at 1mm each and finally 4 Black Walnut veneers at 0.5mm each. That bundle will be sandwiched between 0.8mm clear glass.

The Black Walnut veneers are very thin and are going to take some careful handling.

The target weight for the bow is 45lb and it’s getting glued up tomorrow.

The Freddy Nelson Jug Band Rumba Box.

This is a fantastic project. Its a 12 key Rumba Box and it is going to be the Bass instrument in new recordings of some old Freddy Nelson classics such as County Lady, Too Far Out Too Far In, The Long Way Home, and many more.

We have been working on it today and we got the main body put together and the bridge cut out. The bridge is solid American White Ash and the body is hardwood ply with an internal frame.

The Bamboo arrived today.

I’m going to cut this up and make some bows with it. The poles are 120mm wide and the wall is between 5 – 9mm…….

IMGP3454 IMGP3456

………so I am thinking that I will be able to make tapered core laminates with it.

The plan is to try a 62” reflex / deflex bow with all bamboo limbs with Black Walnut veneers on the belly and back. Similar to this.


The Maple, Yellow Bamboo and Purpleheart version was shooting a 400g arrow at 172fps. So I would expect the all bamboo limbs to be slightly faster.

I’ll post as much of the build as I can.

This is our latest model Snare Cajon.

This cajon has double 20 strand snares which sizzle on the internally lacquered playing surface. The intensity of the snare can be varied by playing higher or lower on the cajon.








It also has a deep and rich bass tone which is produced from the heart of the cajon (roughly central on the playing surface.)







We are really pleased with the sound of this cajon and I will post some songs we are recording with it soon.

Completed Rumba Box No. 2

This is the finished Rumba Box. It’s got a great deep sound and we will be posting some new Mento Songs played on it soon.